Rain, Rain, Don’t Go Away


Here is what my family does on rainy days:

These wonderful, quick projects are great!

Cross Box


 Crosses 2

Crosses 1

If I can’t garden outside, I garden inside. These are strawberry plants, sent to me from my grandmother.

Strawberry Pot

Strawberry Plant

Strawberry pot

This is my first tulip to bloom.

Beautiful Flower

Purple Prince

Rain does not prevent us from playing outside!

In The Rain


A Ballerina is Born!


Congratulations to my homeshool ballet class teacher! She won’t be teaching for a while on account of her little baby girl! With a family of ballet-ing people, (her mother, sister, and brother) she is likely to be interested in ballet also.


Spring is Definitely Here!


The snow has melted. The robins and redwinged blackbirds have come. The grass is greening. The trees are budding. And yet, something is missing to make it really spring.


 But now spring is definitely, positively, certainly, undeniably, unquestionably, beyond a doubt, categorically here!


The final touch was added when the first of my flowers bloomed (this is one of the members of the royal family. I believe it is the Purple Prince. Other members are Red Emperor and Queen of the Night.)  The time of the gardener has arrived.


With last day of frost only 10 days away, I am adding the finishing touches on my plan for where I am going to put the annuals in my garden. I am looking forward to playing in the dirt.


Three Cheers for the Red and White


Last week at ballet, we, (my ballet class,) were shown the costumes we were told we would wear for the recital. They were supposed to be white, but instead were yellow with age. Most of them had holes in the skirts.


But this week, the ballet teacher brought in new looking, beautiful, costumes. Some are all red, and some are all white. The torso is velvety, and the sleeves and skirt are silky, the sleeves fluttering almost to the elbow, and skirt fluttering almost to the knee. I am glad to have a tan leotard to go underneath it, because the back goes a little too low. I was allowed to choose whether I was red or white, and I chose red.


Bulb Update



I won’t expect any daffodils this year. They were about to bloom when the snow came, destroying the buds. However, many other tulips are sending up buds, I am very, very, excited for them to open.



Snake Day


It was a very nice day today, and Alexander and I were going for a walk in a few acres of land behind our house (my family refers to it as ‘the field,’) when suddenly a place where I was about to step came alive! It was a harmless Garter Snake and I immediately thought ‘Alexander will love this’ I picked up the snake and called Alexander over to me. He said “(s)Nake? Me hold nake?” I helped him hold the snake and after a while of peting the snake I let it go. Alexander got a kick out of following the snake until it went down its hole. “Bye nake.” Soon afterward we found another snake. This one was to fiesty to pick up, so we only followed it until it too went down the hole. After that Alexander was calling out: “Nake! (where) Are You? Nake! come (to) me” and making me look for more snakes. Later on I did find more, but he was asleep in the house.

This is not the first time I have played with Garter Snakes. When I was little, on my Grandparents farm, I would beg snakes from their dog, Pepper, who had caught them.

When we found snakes, we would always play we were the crocodile hunter saying things like “Crikey, she’s a fiesty one,” “you’re all right mate,” and other Australian sayings.

And every summer we have to rescue snakes and other small animals from our window wells.


I’m Melting!


Drip, Drop, Drip, Drop; Trickle, Trickle; Splish, Splash Splosh.


These musical noises are everywhere today; for the 3-4 inches of snow we got Tuesday and Wednedsay are melting!

My tulips are not too badly damaged, a little wilty, but I think they will be all right.

Melting Snow


The Last Snow of the Year (Hopefully)


It is cold, cloudy, and white outside. It makes me feel a little bit down in the dumps. I do hope my tulips survive.

As I was doing school at my desk, I spied a bottle of nail polish I had gotten for Easter. When I finished my school I grabbed the polish and began painting my fingernails. The color was bright, reminding me of watermelon and summer. When I was done, I felt better.



Exam Results


There are four passing grades in a ballet exam. Pass, which means you just made it, pass plus, the next step up, pass commend, not often given to grade one students, and pass highly commend, the highest you can get and almost never for a grade one ballerina.

I got a PASS PLUS!

I would go into the details of the exam, but you probably would not understand a word I typed; and explaining the French words and steps would take five pages!


My Boy Turns Three

Alexander is very amusing to watch today. If I say “Happy birthday Alex” he may say “Me? Happy?” or he might say “Happy day! Happy day!”as  he is currently running around the house yelling. If you tell him that he is three today he replies “Me? Three? Oh!”

Alexander also realized that there will be cake later on, so since yesterday he has been asking everyone “Where cake? Cake now.”

Before I get to the party pictures, here are some pre-celebration pictures.

Crazy Sarah

We had a fast paced day today, and when we are running around place to place things get a little bit crazy.

Joseph in to the Toilet Paper

 Again? That makes three rolls this week!


After play comes my medicine.

Here come the party pictures.

Pointing at the Cake

This what cake looks like after Alexander is done (if you can’t tell there is no frosting on the cake.)

No Frosting