Make Way for Her Majesty the Queen of the Night!

Purple prince and little red riding hood have made way for the Queen. Her Majesty is a tulip, and her court of Elegant Lady tulips are near at hand.

These tulips are actually almost as near black as any flower can be. Though not as black as in the picture in the magazine, I am impressed with them.

Last year we recieved a magazine with a coupon for 25$ off, an if your order was under 25$ you would have your order free. I ordered Queen of the Night and her Elegant Ladies, and purposely my order was under 25$.

Ballet Picture Day 1


Today was my first ballet picture day this week.  I ordered a 4×6 picture of myself.

when I arrived at the ballet studio, the first thing I did was dress in my costume. Then, after our class underwent a major pinning of costumes, we went in to one of the studios that had been turned into a photography studio and had a class picture taken. Then anyone who had ordered a picture of themselves alone stepped forward and had their picture taken in a pose. I shall receive the pictures on the day of the dress rehearsal for the dance concert.



Future Site of: Veggies (continued)



I have finished planting the last of the vegetables I am going to plant.Here is a list of all I have planted:




 Red, Orange, Yellow, and Purple Sweet Bell Peppers (Mmm)

Banana Peppers (a slightly spicy DELICIOUS peppers, wonderful on sandwiches.)


Cabbage (Mmm. Cole Slaw)


Romaine Lettuce (a friend had very good results with lettuce from seeds)



 When I was digging the garden, I found an early June Bug (Maria, who was helping me plant cabbage, freaked out. I saved it from her shoe.) I also found a cut worm. (a gardeners enemy.) I drowned it.



Ten Things to Make a Good Day Good


1. It is the day to do science.

2. I have a good book to read and time to read it in.

3. The flowers are in bloom.

4. My bed is made and my room is clean.

5. I have spare time to listen to the Von Trapp Children.

6.  The house is clean.

7. There is green tea in the house.

8. No one is bugging me.

9. There is something good to write in my blog.

10. I have time to do anything I want to do


Chemistry and Botany

I have read the praises of coffee grounds for plants. I read that it is good for hydrangeas to make the flowers blue an effect of vinegar, an acid. This lead me to wonder if coffee grounds were acidic.

In this WONDERFUL, INTRUIGING book, The Mystery of the Periodic Table, (a must read,) I had read how to tell acids from bases (the opposite of acids.) So I proceeded to do the test.

First, I boiled four purple cabbage leaves in four cups of water for fifteen minutes.

Boiling Cabbage

Boiled Cabbage Leaf

 This is what the leaves looked like when the where done

This is the water’s original color

Cabbage Water

Before I started my experiment, I first added things I knew whether or not they were acidic or basic. I put in acidic vinegar with a low Ph of 2 and the blackish-purple water turned red. I put in the slightly basic backing soda (with a Ph of 8) and the water turned slightly green.

These are the results of my experiment: When I put the cabbage water in the coffee grounds, expecting it to turn red, nothing happened! I tried it again with the same results! THE COFFEE GROUNDS WERE NEUTRAL! To confirm my results, I went on to the internet to find the Ph of coffee grounds. They have a Ph of 6.7, 7 being purely nuetral.

I read that coffee grounds making hydrangeas blue-er was a myth.

Cabbage Experiment

Left to right: Vinegar, Coffe Grounds, Baking Soda.


Taste of Tea


When Sarah and her Mom picked up a box of green tea, Sarah thought she would like it as much as she liked herbal tea. But when she brewed a cup later on in the evening, she found it tasted better than any tea she had ever drank before. After experimenting with different time lengths of time brewing, she found it tasted best when brewing it two minutes out of the reccomended one to three. She also thinks the addition of any sugar makes the tea taste horrible.  Sarah’s mother thinks it tastes OK, but nothing special.


Rain, Rain, Don’t Go Away


Here is what my family does on rainy days:

These wonderful, quick projects are great!

Cross Box


 Crosses 2

Crosses 1

If I can’t garden outside, I garden inside. These are strawberry plants, sent to me from my grandmother.

Strawberry Pot

Strawberry Plant

Strawberry pot

This is my first tulip to bloom.

Beautiful Flower

Purple Prince

Rain does not prevent us from playing outside!

In The Rain


A Ballerina is Born!


Congratulations to my homeshool ballet class teacher! She won’t be teaching for a while on account of her little baby girl! With a family of ballet-ing people, (her mother, sister, and brother) she is likely to be interested in ballet also.


Spring is Definitely Here!


The snow has melted. The robins and redwinged blackbirds have come. The grass is greening. The trees are budding. And yet, something is missing to make it really spring.


 But now spring is definitely, positively, certainly, undeniably, unquestionably, beyond a doubt, categorically here!


The final touch was added when the first of my flowers bloomed (this is one of the members of the royal family. I believe it is the Purple Prince. Other members are Red Emperor and Queen of the Night.)  The time of the gardener has arrived.


With last day of frost only 10 days away, I am adding the finishing touches on my plan for where I am going to put the annuals in my garden. I am looking forward to playing in the dirt.


Three Cheers for the Red and White


Last week at ballet, we, (my ballet class,) were shown the costumes we were told we would wear for the recital. They were supposed to be white, but instead were yellow with age. Most of them had holes in the skirts.


But this week, the ballet teacher brought in new looking, beautiful, costumes. Some are all red, and some are all white. The torso is velvety, and the sleeves and skirt are silky, the sleeves fluttering almost to the elbow, and skirt fluttering almost to the knee. I am glad to have a tan leotard to go underneath it, because the back goes a little too low. I was allowed to choose whether I was red or white, and I chose red.


Bulb Update



I won’t expect any daffodils this year. They were about to bloom when the snow came, destroying the buds. However, many other tulips are sending up buds, I am very, very, excited for them to open.