Let Nature Take it’s Course



Yesterday I went to my friend Isabel’s farm for her birthday party.  She has chickens and roosters and lots of stinging, burning nettles.  She also has several cats, one of which (Cocoa) has had kittens a month ago. Cocoa has also adopted a littler of four very tiny kittens whose mother abandoned them. I got to hold the older kittens.


Later on, there was a cat (Sunny) that had caught a baby rabbit. It was tossing it up in the air and catching it when it came down again. Then another cat (Patches) came and she and sunny began to fight over the bunny. And through it all the baby rabbit was schreecing loud and pitiful. One could hear it over the whole yard!  Soon they became more intent on fightingthan on their prey, and the bunny, seizing it’s chance, bounded away into some tall grass.  Isabel and I were cheering for the rabbit; but Isabels two older brothers and their friends kept saying “Let Nature take it’s course.” “It’s natural.” “That is the cat’s job.” Meanwhile the cats had found the rabbit and where again playing with it. Again the rabbit got loose, again we cheered for it, and again the boys lectured.  Finally I said ” Everyone knows what will happen in the end. Because we know what will happen, it is a little bit fun to cheer for the rabbit when he seemingly gets away.” The boys went to go play soccer.


Then the bonfir was lit. It was HUGE! we ate s’mores and and little bettys (cheese wrapped in dough) roasted over the fire.


When we left the Rabbit was still alive and screaming



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