Hello, friend. :)

I’m a homeschool graduate, recently emancipated from the education system with a degree in nursing.  I’m a natural homebody who fantasizes about being adventurous- someday. (perhaps I have some hobbit lineage?) I’m on a continuous работа мск quest for beauty, which I find especially in ancient music, nature, and the Catholic Christian faith. Most days, you will find me doing fr.medadvice.net some combination of the following:

Reading books! Childhood friends included Laura Ingalls, Jo March, Therese of Liseux, and Anne of Green Gables. The Lord of the Rings, a C. S. Lewis work, or maybe a Shakespearean drama on my bookstand is a necessity. I’ve found life makes more sense when I’m drawing on the experiences of my favorite characters. Literature also helps me appreciate the literary techniques in ultimate Story found in Holy Scriptures (God is a top-notch Author).

Gardening- I love to grow things, and the little siblings really enjoy helping out. I kill way too many plants to qualify for green thumb status, but I do get a few fruits and vegetables occasionally, and have had some luck with perennials.

Playing with animals- Our family likes to try to keep and nurture everything alive, so over the years we’ve had two hermit crabs, three frogs, countless mice, a few garter snakes, two salamanders, twelve parrots, three ducks, nine chickens, six rabbits, and four dogs.

Visiting my close-knit and rambunctious family. With ten homeschooled kids around, it gets pretty noisy, and there’s always a friend to talk to. The youngest ones come running to wrap their arms around me the moment I step in the door. Even before I get in the door, tiny furrowed faces scold me if I don’t notice the greeting of waving hands from the window. They provide me with a steady supply of colored pictures to hang on my wall.

We’re always behind in watching the latest movies, but can quote old musicals line for line. We are a bit geeky- meteor showers are family events, and  identification of common birds, plants, and butterflies is one of the main family hobbies.