Christmas Snapshots

A gate guarded the gifts while they were displayed for a short time before we opened them:


Claire learned very quickly how to open presents…

…and was on to the next one.



The whole family caught the stomach bug right before Christmas. Landon was the last, and he was still recovering until the day after Christmas.


Note that our family is growing-a little brother coming in May. I cannot wait to hold a little newborn again. Luckily, I’m so busy with school it seems like this pregnancy is passing by more quickly than any of the others. I think it will be spring before I know it.


   I’ve let milkweed grow in my garden for four years, and this is the first year I have anything to show for it. This week I found not one, but three monarch eggs attached under the leaves, so I brought them inside. Many of the younger boys have not seen or don’t remember the butterfly life cycle, so I’m excited that they can watch the little miracle this summer.  Dominic and the other boys could not believe how small the caterpillar was when it hatched.

(Mom says to tell you that this is bedhead.)

IMG_3308 IMG_3309 IMG_3311

3 Days With Claire

Claire has been adjusting to life on the outside fairly well, and she doesn’t cry as much as some of the other boys did. I am able to soothe her quite easily by walking and rocking her, whereas newborn Dominic never let me calm him down once he was crying! She also is sleeping a lot, even when she is not being held. (Well, at least during the day. Night is another story.)

The family also has been adjusting nicely, and Landon, Maria, John, and I take turns staying up late and getting up early to hold her and let Mom sleep.  I have had a few issues with pronouns, however. After five baby brothers in a row, it was becoming natural that all babies were referred to as ‘he’, so saying ‘she’ has been difficult. Mom has also caught herself a few times addressing Claire as a ‘sweet little baby bo-er -um-girl’.

Claire definitely likes being swaddled, so most of the time she’s wrapped up in her blanket like a burrito.

day 32

I love Baby Burritos, especially when they’re wrapped in a flower tortilla!       (haha)


Mom calls the bewildered newborn expression the ‘Toto, we’re not in Kansas anymore look’. I think that’s a perfect description for the thoughts that must be going on in this little head.
day 31

Watching the Perseids

Well, the skies were perfect last night, and John, Maria, and I watched the meteors for more than an hour and a half. We were very comfortable, laying with pillows and blankets on the fort of our swing set.  (We were thankful Dad never did put a tarp on the top.) It was the first year I’ve ever been comfortable watching the Perseids. Usually I can only bear to be outside for fifteen minutes before being driven inside by blood-sucking insects, but the drought this year has reduced the mosquito population to zero.

Despite the fact we were on the outskirts of a city, there were close to thirty shooting stars total, including one of the longest and brightest meteors I have ever seen! We also saw two bats fly directly overhead. The first hovered over Maria and John just moments after I had gone inside for a moment, and it scared them so much they grabbed the blankets and ran inside!

Here is the total number of meteors each of us saw last night:



John: 8

Landon (only watched for fifteen minutes): 3

Mom (only watched for fifteen minutes): 3

I’m very happy we were able to get a good show, since the next few nights look like they might be cloudy.

In the News!

This afternoon we went to Ash Wednesday mass at the Cathedral. An Argus Leader newsman was taking pictures, and he snapped this one of Mom and Dominic. It went to be a part of a collection of pictures of Ash Wednesday being celebrated around the world on the Denver Post!

Ash Wednesday

A Walk in the Woods

Last weekend, Dad decided we should take advantage of the beautiful weather (which will end to quickly) and take a motorcycle ride to a hilly forested area with the rest of the family following behind in the van. It was lovely, with the trees beginning to turn colors, and the whole family enjoyed it immensely. I shot these pictures:







Flip Out!


We were at the store just in front of the main doors where there was a stand of flip flops. Maria had been itching all week to get some, and now she had just made her selection. Mom and I had also chosen a pair each, since they were only 2.50. As we proceeded through the store, we came upon another stand of flip flops, all different styles from the first and under five dollars each. We began to look through them eagerly, deciding which ones we would buy.

“Sarah, here’s some more over here,” Mom said, standing by an entire wall of flip flops.

“Ooh,” I said, as I turned around and saw wall of shoes behind me. I walked around the shelf, and found another, and another, and  yet another wall of flip-flops. I was amazed at the vast selection, and I realized that this was why I never see the same pair twice on the feet of other girls. I raised my eyes and saw a large, brightly colored sign above my head that said: ‘FLIP OUT!’. That pretty much sums it up.

We ended up with several different varieties, all really cute with little ornaments on them: