Redoing the Front Flowers



Saturday Mom found some strawflowers (Oh! I l0ve those!) that were just her colors (red and yellow-orange) from the farmers market. She was currently looking for new flowers to make our front yard pretty. So she bought them. She let me pick out a white daisy-like thing, and a orange daisy-like thing, as well as a couple of dill plants (I am hoping for catterpillars.) We saw a Black Swallowtail, the same type of butterfly whose caterpillars eat dill.


Sunday after Mass, Mom, Maria, Joseph and I went to the nusery. We bought some orange coneflower and someIndian blanket


 After an unsuccsesful attempt to grow carnivorous plants, I spent my birthday money from Mom and Dad on a venus fly trap and two pitcher plants. I will keep you updated on how they do.



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