It may seem I am writing twice in one day, but you would view it differently if you looked at the time at which I wrote earlier. Either way, I am writing a little about Landon

Landon is 10, the eldest of four boys, second eldest child in the family. His favorite color is green and he enjoys archery, shooting guns, legos, video\computer games, (trying to) snowboard, games (all sorts), and television. His favorite singer is Steve Green, and the Star Wars collection are his favorite movies (he has seen 4, 5, and 6.) He likes Mexican type food, especially enchiladas

Landon asks me to play games with him often, and can make quite a competitor in chess, Monopoly, and many other board games, though I am better at Scrabble.

Dad has set up my blog!

I have been excited for a blog ever since my Dad mentioned about making one for me a year ago.

    We both forgot about it until Wednesday, when I thought about surprising him with making one myself, (with Mom’s permission of course,) but alas, I found out I could not use the provider I wanted until I was thirteen. It was time for my Dads help. He helped me, so here I am, here is my blog, and here I am writing my first post. As a blogger I shall faithfully try to answer all comments. I may be awkward at first so bear with me. Goodnight