My Boy Turns Three

Alexander is very amusing to watch today. If I say “Happy birthday Alex” he may say “Me? Happy?” or he might say “Happy day! Happy day!”as  he is currently running around the house yelling. If you tell him that he is three today he replies “Me? Three? Oh!”

Alexander also realized that there will be cake later on, so since yesterday he has been asking everyone “Where cake? Cake now.”

Before I get to the party pictures, here are some pre-celebration pictures.

Crazy Sarah

We had a fast paced day today, and when we are running around place to place things get a little bit crazy.

Joseph in to the Toilet Paper

 Again? That makes three rolls this week!


After play comes my medicine.

Here come the party pictures.

Pointing at the Cake

This what cake looks like after Alexander is done (if you can’t tell there is no frosting on the cake.)

No Frosting

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