Rain, Rain, Don’t Go Away


Here is what my family does on rainy days:

These wonderful, quick projects are great!

Cross Box


 Crosses 2

Crosses 1

If I can’t garden outside, I garden inside. These are strawberry plants, sent to me from my grandmother.

Strawberry Pot

Strawberry Plant

Strawberry pot

This is my first tulip to bloom.

Beautiful Flower

Purple Prince

Rain does not prevent us from playing outside!

In The Rain



  1. Grandma Frederes

    Your rainy day projects are simply beautiful. So are the magnificant tulips.

    Your strawberries are off to a good start.

    Maria & Johnathan did a good job hanging on to the umbrella, or maybe the wind was down at that time. : )

  2. It is enjoyable watching the tulips pop open one bye one.

    At one time Maria did have to go chasing the umbrella. The wind came in gusts, though it had mostly died down then.

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