Snake Day


It was a very nice day today, and Alexander and I were going for a walk in a few acres of land behind our house (my family refers to it as ‘the field,’) when suddenly a place where I was about to step came alive! It was a harmless Garter Snake and I immediately thought ‘Alexander will love this’ I picked up the snake and called Alexander over to me. He said “(s)Nake? Me hold nake?” I helped him hold the snake and after a while of peting the snake I let it go. Alexander got a kick out of following the snake until it went down its hole. “Bye nake.” Soon afterward we found another snake. This one was to fiesty to pick up, so we only followed it until it too went down the hole. After that Alexander was calling out: “Nake! (where) Are You? Nake! come (to) me” and making me look for more snakes. Later on I did find more, but he was asleep in the house.

This is not the first time I have played with Garter Snakes. When I was little, on my Grandparents farm, I would beg snakes from their dog, Pepper, who had caught them.

When we found snakes, we would always play we were the crocodile hunter saying things like “Crikey, she’s a fiesty one,” “you’re all right mate,” and other Australian sayings.

And every summer we have to rescue snakes and other small animals from our window wells.


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