This coin has a story to tell. It displays the words Rockin’ Roller Coaster over a picture of Mickey Mouse screaming in the front seat of a roller coaster. I got it in the gift shop of my favorite ride at Disney World, a roller coaster by the same name, which had upside down loop and 60 mph speeds. The roller coaster accelerates from zero to 60 in 2.7 seconds. Even worse, when you are in line to get on the coaster, you see this take off, which looks extremely scary. When I saw it, I thought, “Oh, no, this is a big mistake. What did I get myself into?” I wanted to turn around and run out the door then and there, but I held myself back telling myself, “I’ll just close my eyes and make it through the ride.”

When it was my turn to get into the seat, I was about to ask the man who came to check my seatbelt, “Where do you let the chickens out?” I forced myself to stick it out, and boy, was I happy I did. It was great.

After the ride, we were let out into the gift shop, and I looked around for a souvenir penny pressing machine. They had these in some of the major rides. I was delighted when I spotted one. I ran over to it and lined up behind a family that looked rather confused. They were giving the machine little pushes and talking amongst themselves with puzzled faces. Then I realized that they weren’t speaking English. What language it was, I never figured out, but I am guessing that it a Dutch or Norwegian language due to the family’s straw-blond hair and bright blue eyes. Then I began to cough behind them (did I mention that I had bronchitis?), and, as if that was a signal, the whole family parted down the middle and motioned me to the machine. I walked up to the machine, placed my penny and quarters in the slots in the coin holder jutting out from the machine and pushed it into the machine. A simultaneous, “Ooooooh,” rose up from the family as they saw me push the coins into the machine and the flattened coin pop out.

This Minnie mug I bought is filled with tea.


Aren’t these earrings cute?

Rides from Our First Day in Florida


On our first day in Disney World we visited Magic Kingdom, the park were the famous Cinderella Castle stands. This post shall contain pictures of us in some of the rides we rode.

Most of our days in Disney World were sunny.

This Aladdin’s carpet ride was the first ride we saw.


We went on a Pirates of the Caribbean boat ride next, which scared Maria and Johnathan to tears. So we opted for a calmer, happier ride next and went on ‘the happiest cruise that ever sailed’, the It’s a Small World ride.

The different dolls were fun to see.



Later in the day we went on Cinderella’s carousel.


Here we are on the spinning teacup ride, which was very fun.



Hello, it has been a while! I am going to start posting some pictures from the trip we took with Grandma and Grandpa Frederes. There are so many pictures I won’t possibly be able to post them all, so I will begin a series of post with those pictures I think the most worth looking at. I shall start with some pictures of our family in the airport and arriving in Florida.








When we arrived at the resort, Grandma and Grandpa met us and helped us take our luggage to our rooms.





The reason I have posted nothing in the last two weeks is because we were preparing for a trip to Disney World with our Grandparents. Today is the day we are leaving, so goodbye for a week!