Dedication of March


The month of March is dedicated to Saint Joseph.

Prayer to St. Joseph 500 years old 

Oh, St Joseph, whose protection is so great, so strong, so prompt before the throne of God, I place in you all my interest and desires. Oh, St Joseph, do assist me by your powerful intercession, and obtain for me from your divine Son all spiritual blessings, through Jesus Christ, out Lord. So that, having engaged here below your heavenly power,
I may offer my thanksgiving and homage to the most loving of Fathers.

Oh, St Joseph, I never weary contemplating you, and Jesus asleep in your arm; I dare not approach while he resposes near your heart. Press Him in my name and kiss His find head for me and ask Him to return the Kiss when I draw my dying breath.
St Joseph, patron of departing souls – Pray for me.Amen

St Joseph


Twin Block Appliance


The othodontist said it would take only three days for this thing to stop hurting. He was wrong. It took a whole five days for my teeth to stop hurting. Now, I can (almost) chew and am starting to talk better. I have given up the letter S as a hopeless cause though.


My First Babysitting Session!


Last night I went on my first babysitting session for another family than my own. It was great fun. I babysat for a eight-year-old girl and a six and a half-year old boy for three hours. We colored, played candyland, and read some books. Their mother gave me $17!

If you are looking for two wonderful books that are not two long, I highly recomend these: Cheaper by the Dozen by Ernestine and Fred Jr. Gilbreth (hilarious true story about a family of twelve children) and Island of the Blue Dolphins by Scott O’Dell (Based on a true story of a girl stranded on an island for 18 years.) You will not be disappointed.


Insectile Farmers-A Composition

Insectile Farmers

Fungi play an important part in the lives of leaf cutting ants. For when a young queen leaves her colony to start a new one, she takes with her some of her mothers chewed up leaves. It is not the leaves that matter so, but what is on them, fungi.
After a queen mates and finds a home, she cultivates her new garden carefully, alongside her first larvae. If this batch of fungi fails her colony will have no chance of survival. If her garden succeeds, the gray springy heap of fungi will grow long hyphae, which will eventually form swollen tips.
By this time some workers may have become adults. They will harvest these tips as food, and weed out objectionable varieties of fungus.
Meanwhile the fungi are being pampered. They are fertilized with ant dung and provided chewed leaves as a food source.
In conclusion, fungi unmistakably are essential to leaf cutting ants.

Atta Ant

Ash Wednesday


It is Ash Wednesday, the begining of lent. Our Family has given up sweets and TV (except on my birthday, which is coming up on March 13.)

This Ash Wednesday also marks another important date in my life. Teeth-fixing time. Today I got a appliance called a twin block appliance. The purpose is to grow my lower jaw forward, correcting a 100% overbite.

Have a blessed Ash Wednesday!


Perfect Pair-A Composition

Perfect Pair
Lichens are not one, but two organisms, a partnership of two kingdoms. Lichen is made of a fungus (usually ascomycete) and an alga (gray or green).
There are 20,000 kinds of lichen, each with a different variety of fungus. There are fewer algae in many lichens; so fewer algae are involved.
A lichen body is made of sturdy fungus hyphae, and the alga is sheltered within. The fungus provides the alga with water and mineral nutrients; the alga in turn leaks out nutrients, which is absorbed by the fungus.
This partnership is so tough that lichen can live where no other creature can live. If the weather turns too hot, cold, or dry, the lichen goes into a state of suspended animation until the environment is desirable.
Because lichens are only 5% algae, and because the alga grows very slowly, lichen grow only about 5 mm a year. Therefore lichen live for centuries, or in a few cases, millennia.
Lichens only weakness is that in getting nutrients from rain in polluted areas where sulphur dioxide is dissolved into the rain, lichen absorbs the poison and often dies as a result.
This is a perfect example of symbiotic relationship.

Our 911 Episode

It was a gorgeous Saturday afternoon. Maria was teasing Landon with the phone. “I am going to dial 911, Landon. I am going to call the police.” Landon grabbed the phone from her, and someway or another the button to call was pushed, then the button to hang up.

Ring-a-ling-a-ling! My dad answered. “Hello… No it must have been one of the kids… That’s fine… OK, sorry about that… Bye.” Turning around to Landon and I he said, “That was the police! They’re coming over here to make sure we are all right.”

When the Police car finally pulled up, Maria was nowhere to be seen. The policeman who came to the doors name was Officer Bill. “So, who was on the phone?” he asked promptly. “I think she is hiding.” my Dad replied. “I will go down and try to dig her out.” Dad did not succeed in getting her out. So Of. Bill came downstairs to Maria, who was crying hysterically. Despite all persuasions, Maria would not come out from the covers of her bed. Eventually we returned upstairs, where Of. Bill gave John Paul, whom the officer had named “his buddy,” stickers for himself, Alex (who was at the docter,) and Maria.

Five minutes after Of. Bill departed, Landon and John Paul were patroling the basement with belts on, toy guns in their belts, and their junior officer stickers on their shirts, pretending to be policemen.

This is the true account of our 911 episode.

Happy St Valentines Day

St Valentine
My Valentines Day was spent holding Joseph, (who is sick, and running an almost 102 temp) and wiping Alexanders nose (you may have already guessed that he is sick also, with the same temp.) There was a party today, but because of obvious reasons we had to stay home. The last five days we have done little or no school (we homeschool) and have spent most of the time watching the sick ones. So much for having a good full week of school. Happy Saint Valentines Day!

Sarah (Myself)

I am a Catholic of 11 years. I enjoy knitting, ballet, cross stitching, spelling bees, quiz bowls, science fairs, geo bees, cooking, classical music, reading, gardening, raising caterpillars, and caring for Joseph and Alex. The von Trapp children and Steve Green are my favorite singers. My birthday is March 13. Some of my favorite movies/TV shows are The Sound of Music, The Wizard of Oz, Bewitched, Bernadette, Knight Rider, and I Dream of Jeanne. Some favorite books of mine are Island of the Blue Dolphins, the Julie of the Wolves series, and the Narnia series.

I was baptized April 30th, 1995, went to First Confession April 27th, received First Holy Communion April 28th, 2002, and was confirmed April 23th, 2006.

Pictures coming soon!


 Alex will be 3 April 4th, his favorite song/book is Baby Beluga, and he enjoys sucking his 3rd and 4th fingers, picking the folds in his clothing, (or my folds, if I am wearing a dress,) trains, ‘taking care of’ Joseph, ‘helping’ and giving kisses.

It gives me great pleasure and amusement watching Alex and Joseph playing together. Alex will come up to the crib after Josephs nap and says ” Hu-wo (hello), ba-by” in a soft, drawn out voice. If Joseph touches Alex, Alex says with great delight “Mama(or name of person nearest to him,) (pointing) baby!” If Joseph sticks his hand in his mouth Alex says “Mama (or name of person nearest to him,) (sticking his own hand in his own mouth and pointing to Joseph)”

Alex and Joseph are my own boys and I love them.

Alexander and Joseph



Quiz Bowl Results

Getting older has many rewards in our homeschool group. One of such rewards is the Quiz Bowl. This is how you play: the captain of a team picks a number of a unknown question (last night there were 30 questions in a round) and the reader reads that question out loud. The team that picked the question talks among themselves as to what the answer is (they have fifteen seconds to do this) then the captain gives the answer he thinks is right. If the first team gets the answer wrong the opponent team gets ten seconds to think it over then give their answer. If niether answers are correct, the reader announces the correct answer and the game continues. Last night was my second Quiz Bowl, and my first time being captain. Results are as follows:

Round 1. Sioux Falls/Brandon Valley: (My team) 6 points Opponent:11p. Winner gets 5 points = 16 points

Round 2. SF/BV 12+5=17 points Opponent:7 points

Round 3 SF/BV 6 points Opponent: 19+5=24

Round 4 SF/BV 11+5=16 points Opponent:8 points

Round 5 SF/BV 9 points Opponent: 13+5=18

Round 6 SF/BV 7 points Opponent: 17+5=22

The team of which I was captain came in 18th place out of 24 teams

John Paul

John Paul thinks he is superman. He is five years old and his B-day is Aug. 30. He enjoys legos and duplos, playing in the dirt, video games, television, trains,

Macaroni & Cheese is John Pauls favorite food. His favorite color is orange (or blue, he doesn’t know which.) Star Wars, (he has seen 4, 5, and 6,) Larry-Boy, and Superman are his favorite movies.