Sarah (Myself)

I am a Catholic of 11 years. I enjoy knitting, ballet, cross stitching, spelling bees, quiz bowls, science fairs, geo bees, cooking, classical music, reading, gardening, raising caterpillars, and caring for Joseph and Alex. The von Trapp children and Steve Green are my favorite singers. My birthday is March 13. Some of my favorite movies/TV shows are The Sound of Music, The Wizard of Oz, Bewitched, Bernadette, Knight Rider, and I Dream of Jeanne. Some favorite books of mine are Island of the Blue Dolphins, the Julie of the Wolves series, and the Narnia series.

I was baptized April 30th, 1995, went to First Confession April 27th, received First Holy Communion April 28th, 2002, and was confirmed April 23th, 2006.

Pictures coming soon!


 Alex will be 3 April 4th, his favorite song/book is Baby Beluga, and he enjoys sucking his 3rd and 4th fingers, picking the folds in his clothing, (or my folds, if I am wearing a dress,) trains, ‘taking care of’ Joseph, ‘helping’ and giving kisses.

It gives me great pleasure and amusement watching Alex and Joseph playing together. Alex will come up to the crib after Josephs nap and says ” Hu-wo (hello), ba-by” in a soft, drawn out voice. If Joseph touches Alex, Alex says with great delight “Mama(or name of person nearest to him,) (pointing) baby!” If Joseph sticks his hand in his mouth Alex says “Mama (or name of person nearest to him,) (sticking his own hand in his own mouth and pointing to Joseph)”

Alex and Joseph are my own boys and I love them.

Alexander and Joseph



Quiz Bowl Results

Getting older has many rewards in our homeschool group. One of such rewards is the Quiz Bowl. This is how you play: the captain of a team picks a number of a unknown question (last night there were 30 questions in a round) and the reader reads that question out loud. The team that picked the question talks among themselves as to what the answer is (they have fifteen seconds to do this) then the captain gives the answer he thinks is right. If the first team gets the answer wrong the opponent team gets ten seconds to think it over then give their answer. If niether answers are correct, the reader announces the correct answer and the game continues. Last night was my second Quiz Bowl, and my first time being captain. Results are as follows:

Round 1. Sioux Falls/Brandon Valley: (My team) 6 points Opponent:11p. Winner gets 5 points = 16 points

Round 2. SF/BV 12+5=17 points Opponent:7 points

Round 3 SF/BV 6 points Opponent: 19+5=24

Round 4 SF/BV 11+5=16 points Opponent:8 points

Round 5 SF/BV 9 points Opponent: 13+5=18

Round 6 SF/BV 7 points Opponent: 17+5=22

The team of which I was captain came in 18th place out of 24 teams

John Paul

John Paul thinks he is superman. He is five years old and his B-day is Aug. 30. He enjoys legos and duplos, playing in the dirt, video games, television, trains,

Macaroni & Cheese is John Pauls favorite food. His favorite color is orange (or blue, he doesn’t know which.) Star Wars, (he has seen 4, 5, and 6,) Larry-Boy, and Superman are his favorite movies.


Snapdragons are Maria’s favorite flowers. She is seven and her birthday is August 27. She enjoys having friends over, board games, video games, computer games, dressing up, gardening, watching TV, and washing mirrors, and scrubbing floors. Her favorite animals are cats, although she likes horses.

Maria won first place for a kindergarten to third grade division of a science fair . Her presentation was on the water cycle. She had a very pretty board and in my opinion did a good job. Apparently the judges thought so also.


Joseph is my Godson and the largest baby in the family. He reached the weight I was at one year at 6 mo! He was born on June 26, and is seven mo. old. He enjoys pat- a- cake, playing with his siblings, playing with large buttons, playing his toy piano, and eating toilet paper (although a kleenex will suffice.)

Joseph has an exquisite taste for leather jackets, literally. Starting to become very mobile and adventurous, we really have to keep our eyes on him, for he will eat (or try to eat) anything he may find!

Every baby in the family including myself has looked exactly like my father when he was little. Joseph has a full head of bronze hair and a smile that can make you say: aawwww.

Joseph is a perfect little baby brother and my family loves him.

Joseph in Box



It may seem I am writing twice in one day, but you would view it differently if you looked at the time at which I wrote earlier. Either way, I am writing a little about Landon

Landon is 10, the eldest of four boys, second eldest child in the family. His favorite color is green and he enjoys archery, shooting guns, legos, video\computer games, (trying to) snowboard, games (all sorts), and television. His favorite singer is Steve Green, and the Star Wars collection are his favorite movies (he has seen 4, 5, and 6.) He likes Mexican type food, especially enchiladas

Landon asks me to play games with him often, and can make quite a competitor in chess, Monopoly, and many other board games, though I am better at Scrabble.

Dad has set up my blog!

I have been excited for a blog ever since my Dad mentioned about making one for me a year ago.

    We both forgot about it until Wednesday, when I thought about surprising him with making one myself, (with Mom’s permission of course,) but alas, I found out I could not use the provider I wanted until I was thirteen. It was time for my Dads help. He helped me, so here I am, here is my blog, and here I am writing my first post. As a blogger I shall faithfully try to answer all comments. I may be awkward at first so bear with me. Goodnight