Quiz Bowl Results

Getting older has many rewards in our homeschool group. One of such rewards is the Quiz Bowl. This is how you play: the captain of a team picks a number of a unknown question (last night there were 30 questions in a round) and the reader reads that question out loud. The team that picked the question talks among themselves as to what the answer is (they have fifteen seconds to do this) then the captain gives the answer he thinks is right. If the first team gets the answer wrong the opponent team gets ten seconds to think it over then give their answer. If niether answers are correct, the reader announces the correct answer and the game continues. Last night was my second Quiz Bowl, and my first time being captain. Results are as follows:

Round 1. Sioux Falls/Brandon Valley: (My team) 6 points Opponent:11p. Winner gets 5 points = 16 points

Round 2. SF/BV 12+5=17 points Opponent:7 points

Round 3 SF/BV 6 points Opponent: 19+5=24

Round 4 SF/BV 11+5=16 points Opponent:8 points

Round 5 SF/BV 9 points Opponent: 13+5=18

Round 6 SF/BV 7 points Opponent: 17+5=22

The team of which I was captain came in 18th place out of 24 teams

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