¬†Alex will be 3 April 4th, his favorite song/book is Baby Beluga, and he enjoys sucking his 3rd and 4th fingers, picking the folds in his clothing, (or my folds, if I am wearing a dress,) trains, ‘taking care of’ Joseph, ‘helping’ and giving kisses.

It gives me great pleasure and amusement watching Alex and Joseph playing together. Alex will come up to the crib after Josephs nap and says ” Hu-wo (hello), ba-by” in a soft, drawn out voice. If Joseph touches Alex, Alex says with great delight “Mama(or name of person nearest to him,) (pointing) baby!” If Joseph sticks his hand in his mouth Alex says “Mama (or name of person nearest to him,) (sticking his own hand in his own mouth and pointing to Joseph)”

Alex and Joseph are my own boys and I love them.

Alexander and Joseph



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