Ruffle Scarf

  This scarf knitted up in less than two hours! It took a little while to get used to knitting with the yarn. I made a few mistakes with it, but the yarn is so bouncy and ruffly it covers them up perfectly. I really love the sparkles embedded in the yarn!IMG_2516


After three years, this extreme project is finished in time for Christmas, and Dominic is just the right size to fit into it!

Babies are extremely tricky to photograph, and I’m so happy he sat still for a few seconds for me to snap this great shot! The bow was not planned, it was just sitting on the floor and he was playing with it when I was about to pick him up to take his picture. I didn’t want to take it away and make him cry, and it ended up being a great prop!

Ruffle Yarn

Now that I am finished with the monster project of the baby sleeper, my knitting needles are free to make a few new projects. I was wanting to experiment with a specialty yarn, and so I ordered this off the internet. Each strand of yarn opens up into a delicate lacy pattern. I’m really excited to see how it knits up.


June 2009.

That is when I started this over-ambitious project. I learned a lot of things while I was working on it, including to NEVER choose such a large and difficult project again.  I wanted to make it for Baby Daniel when he was nine months old, but as the project took longer than I expected (and Daniel kept on growing) I started to get worried about it fitting. Plus, Daniel was THE chubbiest baby ever, and as I held my knitting up to his super roly-poly thighs I knew I had to tinker with the pattern. I added width and length to the legs and torso, which in turn made it take longer. In the meantime, he outgrew it. Fortunately, Dominic will be just the size to fit into it this winter, and now I am soooo close to finishing it.

Joseph’s Sweater


I just finished sowing in the ends of this sweater that I knit for Joseph. A little late, perhaps, but since the next baby is a boy it will get to be handed down.

Isn't he cute!?!

Isn't he cute!?!



Knitted Leg Warmers


In the wintertime, it is freezing cold in the ballet studio. So, when I found a pattern for leg warmers, I got knitting. I have been working on them for a long time, and now they are finished and ready for frigid weather.