Ash Wednesday


It is Ash Wednesday, the begining of lent. Our Family has given up sweets and TV (except on my birthday, which is coming up on March 13.)

This Ash Wednesday also marks another important date in my life. Teeth-fixing time. Today I got a appliance called a twin block appliance. The purpose is to grow my lower jaw forward, correcting a 100% overbite.

Have a blessed Ash Wednesday!


Happy St Valentines Day

St Valentine
My Valentines Day was spent holding Joseph, (who is sick, and running an almost 102 temp) and wiping Alexanders nose (you may have already guessed that he is sick also, with the same temp.) There was a party today, but because of obvious reasons we had to stay home. The last five days we have done little or no school (we homeschool) and have spent most of the time watching the sick ones. So much for having a good full week of school. Happy Saint Valentines Day!