Not New Years Resolutions

Second half of January, and the resolved are already clearing out of the gym, thank goodness.

My resolutions:

  • only blog posts typed with one hand (other one around baby).
  • floss organized and visible the front of the drawer in each bathroom.
  • one transverse abdominal exercise each morning in front of mirror while getting ready in the morning to regain pre-pregnancy core strength

teeny tiny steps, micro goals, still going strong.

Oh, but most of these I set back in October. Every day is a good day for change.


  1. Kathy

    Number one resolution is admirable!
    I find number 2 funny.
    I need to check out number 3, it may apply to my menopausal weight gain.
    You must be spending time at the gym to know the faint of heart are dropping out, so I believe you have a handle on physical health. A pat on the back for perseverance?

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