Summer Days

There are now no homework assignments due, papers or reflections to write, or textbooks to pour over. I graduated over a month ago, but for nursing candidates degree completion means more studying. The dreaded NCLEX-RN exam that we have been hearing about for four years approaches. I did well on a few practice exams in school, so I wasn’t extremely worried until I started working through a study guide and realized I hadn’t looked at half of the topics for over a year. Frantic studying ensued.

But the exam date came, and I passed, and I have just enjoyed my first full week of holding an official RN license. I now enjoy a month until starting a new position as a pediatric (children’s) hospital nurse. In contrast to the stiff schedule I maintained while holding two jobs and a rigorous honors choir practice schedule, I’m enjoying a more relaxed nannying job for the meantime. And taking many long walks in the summer sun. (It’s the midwest. It won’t last forever.)

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