Moving Along

Time is surely marching on, and the end of the semester is only about four weeks away. Homework, college activities, and work keep time moving quickly. I don’t think anything makes the days fly past as a test date that seems oh-so-distant, and then is suddenly tomorrow. I’m unable to believe that Thanksgiving break is the week after next. Today the first snowfall fell, (5 inches!) so maybe the world’s new white wardrobe will help convince me that the end of the semester is almost here.

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  1. Grandma Kathy

    Hi Sarah,
    I was wondering how much snow you received. We didn’t get as much as forecast. About 2 inches versus 4. I don’t like to hear Christmas music until after Thanksgiving, but the snow definitely does make the season move along. Even though the snowfall amounts weren’t great, the blacktops were very snow packed today. The painted lines weren’t visible making for risky travel.

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