Camera Upgrade!

The lens is close to having the most impact on the finished product, and I almost bought a new one last year. I wanted an instant fix to make my pictures better. It was me, however, and not my camera that was holding me back. I needed to figure out how to work the technical stuff better. So instead I spent an entire year of frequent practice and became ┬áreally comfortable with the equipment I have. I decided I was ready for the next step. It is a prime lens (which means it doesn’t zoom in and out,) and has an really wide aperture (1.4 if you are familiar with camera terms) so it can take take pictures in really low light and blur backgrounds nicely to set off the subject. It can be a little tricky to use at times, so it will probably be a while before I consistently get results I like, but be prepared for a lot of pictures as I learn!


Flowers can sit still for hours, and are very patient with beginners, so they make great practice subjects. This is English Lavender from the garden.

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  1. Grandma Kathy

    That looks like a good picture to my eye, Sarah. You are going scientific with the photography. : )
    I didn’t know you had that good smelling plant in the backyard.
    We won’t get tired of your posts.

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