This picture was the result of Daniel not being a very nice photography subject. He would only sit still for three moments at a time, then jump off the couch begging to see the picture. I snapped this one when he was supposed to be sitting. Usually pictures of moving three-year-olds are blurry, but the great light from the large windows behind me made this one a keeper!


After three years, this extreme project is finished in time for Christmas, and Dominic is just the right size to fit into it!

Babies are extremely tricky to photograph, and I’m so happy he sat still for a few seconds for me to snap this great shot! The bow was not planned, it was just sitting on the floor and he was playing with it when I was about to pick him up to take his picture. I didn’t want to take it away and make him cry, and it ended up being a great prop!

Snowy Chrysanthemums

These hardy chrysanthemums, the only burst of color left in the garden, were especially lovely with a light coating of snow.

This picture is from our first snow on October 25. We had a computer part break that had all my pictures on it, and Dad had to restore the backup before I could get to them. (Thus the lack of blogging)

Garden Tour 2012

July 11 my Grandmother, sister, and I attended our second annual Garden Tour.

I was really looking forward to this trip, both to see the flowers and to take pictures with my new camera.

This is one of my favorites:

Such beautiful flowers invariably turn my thoughts to the true Master Gardener who designed every flower separately.  Such color! Such beauty! Each flower gives witness to a small portion of God’s glory. Oh Lord, how great are thy works!

Sunny Surprise

Doing a little weeding in the garden, a small splash of yellow caught my eye. I looked down and was astonished to see that it was a flower no taller than my thumb.


I was wondered for a moment where it had come from, then suddenly remembered the crocuses I had planted last fall. I have been waiting for them to come up for several weeks now, but I had been looking for them on the opposite side of the garden!


New Camera

I took these pictures with a brand new camera I just bought last Sunday. It has a bigger lens than my old one and is much better for taking pictures in dim lighting. These were some of my favorites out of the 130 pictures I took on the first day.





Lightening Bolt



This picture was taken during our early 4th of July celebration at my grandparent’s farm, while it stormed off in the distance. I’ve tried many times before to catch lightening on camera, and this time I didn’t even realize I had done it until after I loaded the pictures onto the comupter!


Easter Lily Photos





“Consider the lilies, how they grow: they toil not, neither do they spin. But I say to you, even Solomon, in all of his glory, was not arrayed like one of these.”

                                                                                             Luke 12:27