In Between

Waiting in an uncomfortable in between, having just taken my nurse practitioner boards but waiting the 1-2 week interval before results are posted.

It was surreal being pregnant for this this test after meeting and getting to know so many women at their OB appointments through my studies. Most questions brought to mind a face, some woman facing a similar scenario. I thought back to how I or the midwife responded. The entire exam my baby provided input with periodic squirms.

Projects in progress at home are also very in between right now. Our dining room is currently half way through a makeover from rusty toned orange walls and ceiling to a neutral warm white. This is less frustrating than waiting for test scores, since I’m planning to set aside time to wrap up the majority of the painting on my next weekend off. I came home from work one day and Derek had started the ceiling and didn’t stop until it was finished, and that gave my height challenged arms a good head start.


  1. Grandma Kathy

    That is an interesting comparison you note about baby’s input, ha, ha. Quite appropriate. I’m glad the test is over for you. You probably have a good idea how the results will turn out. I’m sure you did well. Waiting is hard. You & baby are in the partway/inbetween where you have met physically but invisibly.

    • I’m also so glad it’s over… just over two years preparing for the moment. I do have a good feeling about the test, since it has a good pass rate. It was difficult though and I’ll be relieved to see the score.

      Cool thought, about the in between of meeting this baby. I can feel him or her but don’t feel like we’ve met yet at all, hahah

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