Late September Daybook

Listening to… Cicadas, lawnmowers and wind through tree branches. Steady, lulling sounds of summer.

Wearing… Favorite summer tee, with the addition of a light jacket. Cooler temperatures forced me to dive through piles of warmer wear

Reading… I just finished Shakespeare’s Tempest, an entertaining first time read. Though the plot was not as deep as the dramatic tragedies, the text was as full of the Bard’s introspective wisdom.

Thinking… about making coffee.

I am thankful for… The medical technology of the day. With just over two months of working at the hospital, I have already seen many lives that would never have been the same without the emergency skills and resources

From the kitchen… Landon decided a pumpkin pie was in order, and baked one at a whim at one in the morning.

I am creating… working through the instep on my first pair of knit socks. I’m not sure if the proportions are turning out as well as they should, but I’m very happy after ten years of knitting I finally know how to ‘turn a heel’.

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