Neither Here nor There

On my mind:

A very full summer. Students have just marked the end of the season with the return to school, but only the temperature is changing for me this year.

The Job. The first six weeks were tumultuous to say the least. There is so much on the job learning in the field of nursing, and there’s so much that you never even begin to learn about in school. Responding to changing scenarios, interacting with other professionals, and working advanced technical equipment keeps each day extremely different.

Running. I never thought this would be me. If you told me three years ago I would be starting this activity I would never have believed you. Still, distance covered is nothing spectacular, but the consistancy has been there since May.

Wading through all of my childhood belongings that have arrived at my personal dwelling, as the family prepares the home for showings, and hopefully a sale. My room is filled with boxes in the process of sorting.

Fall: Food. Decor. Leaves.

Days off alternate between long and lazy, and frantic and  filled with long walks in the outdoors. Hopefully a formal recap of some summer highlights soon.

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