Creating a Nature Collage

Fern prints, earth tones, and songbirds, Oh My! Nature walls and tables are a trendy standby, yet far from cliches as there are unlimited possibilities in arrangements. My homeschool family we grew up in a culture of nature journaling and collections. Nature tables are a great way to collect and display these finds, related books, and small souvenirs from travels. It also helps keep them from getting dispersed throughout the house.

Audubon paintings are in the common domain can be found and printed off at A friend gifted me some gorgeous spare frames from her attic, and several matched my favorite avian watercolors. I also try to include some living plants as a backbone to the arrangement.

Three rules I follow when arranging make a difference in the  visual appeal:

  • Arrange similar colors together, sticking to a few, complementary colors for the majority of the items.
  • Try to work in sets of three or five, odd numbers always look best.
  • Arrange different shapes so they would create a triangle if you connected the dots between them.

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