Semester Starts: Ready, Set, Go!

Now that my one month J-term internship has finished, the new semester and normal classes begin, meaning many things:

  • staring at a list of times and room numbers, trying to translate the encryption into the rhythm of an actual day.
  • the one day a year when I pay attention to room numbers to figure out which class is on what side of the building.
  • scanning syllabi from four different classes to organize the list of assignments into a digital calendar-don’t miss a deadline!
  • pondering the near overwhelming list of tasks, alternating between thinking casually: “it’ll get done” and panicking: “How am I going to fit this all together?”
  • coming –this close- to forgetting an assignment while adjusting to the workflow of each class
  • disbelief of the names of the months that I am scheduling, (April and May seem so far away), while knowing that constant tests and assignments will bring them sooner than expected

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