1. Grandma Kathy

    Well said, Sarah. Crippled social skills is correct. Rudeness becomes acceptable. Hopefully you & others can open the eyes of these professors. Our new technological society is flawed. We crave connectedness & miss many face to face acquaintances because of our obcession with our devices. Don’t ever let these prejudices weigh you down. The instructors have stereotyped the homeschooling population. The educator’s ideas are antiquated. Wake up people. Internet sources can facilitate learning in a home environment devoid of many negative distractions.

  2. Grandma Becky

    A year ago we were out for dinner at a nice restaurant. We noticed that every table that had people sitting were involved in their phones. The place was busy. I was just amazed at this, even as they were eating, no talking to each other, just tap tap tap. I was curious to what is so important that they could not put down their phones for a half an hour. Excellent post Sarah.

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