In Which I Heave a Sigh of Relief

Whew!!!! I just made it through my first set of midterm tests. Finally, I can breathe!

Lots has happened in the last few weeks. I have finally gotten the swing of college time management. The two commandments: Thou Shalt Study Hard on Weekends if Thou Wanteth to Survive, and Thou Shalt Not Ever Fall Behind in the Reading.

The biggest difference that I have had to adjust to in college is that homeschool can maneuver around life events. If I catch a cold and don’t feel well, I still have to make sure to do homework and attend class. Johnathan had his appendix removed ten days ago, and
I spent a night in the hospital with him. I didn’t get all of my reading done that day, and it took me several hours each evening for the next four days to just catch up.

Life is moving fast at home as well. It seems to race by now that I am not around for a good chunk of the day, and I end up missing out on major happenings around the house. I glanced in the small aquarium where we keep our two little frogs one evening. “Oh!” I cried. “One is missing!”

“Oh, yes, didn’t you know?” Mom said. “He died about two weeks ago.”

Clare is making great strides in her skills. She is sitting up almost perfectly for long stretches of time and pushes herself up onto her hands and knees. She hasn’t crawled forward yet, but she can really move backwards.

Dominic is going through the language explosion, and frequently surprises me with his vocabulary. Because I haven’t been around as much to hear him speaking, it catches me off guard when he says something that sounds like it came out of a three year old. He also knows his colors and almost all of the letters and their sounds, thanks to a Leap Frog movie.


  1. Grandma Kathy

    It’s good to hear from you, Sarah. Only two commandments for college…not bad. It’s easy to understand why they are the first two & the greatest. : )

    Thank you for the update on Claire, wow, moving already!

    Language explosion, I love that visual! Sounds like he will be a student like you. Keep going, Dominic.

    Congratulations on having your first mid-terms under your belt, yay……

  2. Jenna

    Sarah, your blog is delightful (which is not in the least bit surprising, since you are such a delightful and wonderful individual!)! I enjoy hearing about the happenings taking place in your life! Haha, I absolutely can relate to the college adjustments, and I wholeheartedly enjoy your apt description of the two college life commandments! :)

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