Mango’s Bath

It is impossible to do dishes when Mango is around without having him fly to the sink. He simply¬†adores taking baths. He will perch on the faucet or the side of the sink, his feathers fluffed up expectantly, waiting for us to hold our hands into a pool shape for him. Then he climbs into your hands and dunks himself into the water, closing his eyes in delight and rotating his body back and forth. Then he sprays water everywhere as he shakes off, only to go back for another dip in the water. It is very hard to convince him that it’s time to be done, and he squawks in annoyance if he thinks you turned the water off prematurely.









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  1. Martha

    Oh Sarah, that is one of the funnest things about owning a bird. Mango is so dang cute too! When we had our Love Birds they loved taking a bath in my cupped hands in the sink. That is one of my fondest memories of them, and them crawling into my shirt and sticking their heads out, or making a nest in my hair. Thanks for sharing that.

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