Colorful Visitors

The bird feeder has been adding vibrant splashes of color to my life, and bringing around birds I never knew even lived here. For all the ten years we’ve lived at this house, we haven’t had one cardinal in our yard, and now one visits about once or twice a week!

    This is a yellow-headed blackbird, a new species no one in our family has ever seen before.

   Goldfinches are always a delight with their bright color and cheerful song:

   Johnathan has invented a very unique way to birdwatch. He surprised me with his patience, laying under the blanket for almost an entire hour! That is a very long stretch for a boy who barely stops moving!


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  1. Grandma Frederes

    These new birds are fantastic!

    Good idea with the green blanket, Johnathan.

    We are getting lots of goldfinches at our feeder. Tonight I saw a bird, just their size, only with a dark blue breast.

    Love, Grandma

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