Feast of Saint Philomena


St. Philomena is my confirmation saint, so I was very happy to hear that our priest was having a special mass on her feast day, August 11, and that there would be a blessing with a first class relic (part of Philomena’s bone) and the oil that burns before her tomb afterwards. It was in a beautiful little church in the town of Salem about forty minutes away, and our whole family drove out for the mass.


The altar is decked in red and gold in honor of Philomena's martyrdom.

The Carmelite nuns made this special Saint Philomena vestment.

The Carmelite nuns made this special Saint Philomena vestment.

Alexander with a holy card of Philomena.

Alexander with a holy card of Philomena.

After mass we were anointed with the oil, and then had a chance to kiss the relic. Alexander was a little confused when it was his turn to kiss the relic, and opened his mouth instead. I think he thought he was about to receive his First Holy Communion. Fortunately, Dad was next to him and he told Alex what he was supposed to do.


The anointing with the oil. (Different than the anointing of the sick)


Daniel waits for his turn.


The end procession, with Landon at the front.

After Mass, I took a close up picture of the pretty statue of St. Philomena and her relic.




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  1. Grandma Frederes

    Hi Sarah,

    The Salem church is beautiful. Is it Nativity church? I was trying to guess by the statues.
    What a wonderful, unique opportunity to have mass with a relic of your confirmation Saint! An opportunity for blessings. She has colorful robes. : )
    Have a good week.

    Love, Grandma

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