My Babies


March has arrived, bringing encouragement that the winter will soon end. The temperatures are beginning to rise slightly, with a 40˚day in the forecast, and there is actually a spot along the road in our yard that the snow has receded enough to see (gasp) grass! I heard a few birds chirping this morning, completing the feeling that spring is near.

The atmosphere inside the house is also rather spring-like because I finally have  three baby sun conures from my breeders. The oldest was born on February 20, the middle was born sometime around the 23. I actually saw the youngest in the process of hatching on the 26, and I was afraid it had been accidentally cracked before its time. (And I was really, really happy when I saw that it was alive.) I will pull them for hand-feeding on March 10, to get them used to humans. I’m having a terrible time waiting.



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