Drama Camp


Drama camp takes place every year at the beginning of June. Over a hundred homeschooled children meet from nine to eleven for four-to-five days, depending on the age of the child, and rehearse plays. This year, I was in a play about St. Genesius of Rome, the patron saint of actors. He was an actor in the emperor’s band of actors, until, that is, it was found out he became a Christian and was beheaded. The play was a play within a play, so at times the actors were rehearsing the play of Saint Genesius, and at other times, the director, who was played by me, was talking to them about how the play could be better. I successfully avoided getting a bad case of the vomiting sickness going around the house (everyone but me and Dad got it bad) and was able to be in the play on friday night. Everything went really well, and I spoke loud enough that everyone could hear me in the back row. That can be difficult because the acoustics aren’t very good in the school gym where we perform the play. I was very thankful that I was able to avoid the sickness and take part in the eighth annual drama camp.


  1. Grandma Frederes

    Hey, Sarah,

    Were you one of the participants in the “first” drama camp??

    I’m sorry to hear your mom got the sickness, too. It is difficult when Mom gets sick.

    Love, Grandma & Granddad Frederes

  2. I was in the very first drama camp session. It took place in one of the homeschooler’s back yard. I played a lion hunter in the play, ‘The Lion and the Mouse.’

    Mom and I were lucky. We only got the sickness lightly. I only lost my appetite for food and had an extremely mild feeling in my stomach for one day. Mom got it a little worse, but it only lasted for a day also. Landon vomited twice but was almost fine the next day. I guess with better immune systems, we fought it better. :)

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