More Pictures of Clover


Clover is warming up a bit to the family. She hasn’t bitten anyone hard yet, and she hasn’t made much noise. She still makes quite a fuss about being brought out of the cage though. We have fed her apple, orange, celery, grapes and raisins, and she really like orange and apple. In the pictures, you can see her gorgeous green back that shines in the light, one reason we named her Clover. She sits well on fingers, but if she feels like she is going to fall she tries to fly off. When you hold Clover to your chest, she likes to climb up your shirt and onto your shoulder and sit facing backwards. She doesn’t like sitting facing forward for some reason. She likes to climb into hoods, pockets, and under arms. We are trying to teach her to say, ‘You’re my favorite.’ by repeating it often to her. I like Clover, she is turning out to be a good little bird.

John Paul is always calling Clover by different names. Even though when we named Clover he said, “I love the name Clover!” he won’t call her by her name. He has called Clover Daniel, Popeye, Tarzan, and probably a couple other names I either haven’t heard, or can’t remember. Oh, John Paul.









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