Dad Dances with a June Bug.

We were sitting around a campfire roasting S’Mores when John Paul asked “Dad, Can you do the June bug dance again?” He was reffering to the last time we had a camp fire and a June bug got in Dad’s shirt. Dad did a leap with a half turn in the air with his hand in his shirt, while the others around the fire questioned him as to the cause of his frolic. “I had a June bug in my shirt.”

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  1. Grandma Frederes

    Good evening, Sarah,

    I saw my first lightening bug of the season near the Mary garden tonight. Grandpa bought me lots of pink Wave petunias for Mother’s Day, so I planted them in the Mary garden.
    At the flower shop where Lori works, they got in 2 angels that had some damage. Lori’s boss said they couldn’t be sold & that Lori could take them home if she wanted. Lori gave one to me, so Mary has company in her garden.
    I’m looking forward to seeing everyone at the dance recital.

    Love, Grandma F.

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