A Homeschooler’s Guide to College

This video was soooo funny and spot-on. I cannot say how many times I have heard “but you need the full college experience!” whenever anyone finds out I’m living at home. (School is only about ten minutes away.)

Hat tip to the other Sarah, on whose blog I first watched this a couple months ago.

College Quotes

The World watches eagerly as teenaged homeschoolers graduate, salivating as they wait to see what comes next. Everyone knows the lack of socialization has been building up year after year, just waiting to burst out of hiding. College, then, is the moment of truth when the sheltered child is first separated from his parent and will certainly BECOME ENTIRELY UNABLE TO FUNCTION!!!!!


I have only spent one day at my college, but I have already encountered several of the deep set misconceptions about homeschoolers. The epidemic of prejudices is a little worse than I expected!

The bright side to this is that it offers the potential for a goldmine of hilarious stories. Here’s the first:


Sophmore boy: So, what school did ya go to?

Me: I was homeschooled.

Sophmore boy (dryly): Sounds like fun.

Me (completely not hearing the sarcasm in his voice): Yes, a lot of fun!

Sophmore boy (stuttering): Oh-oh-ah-um, really?



Never fear, World. I will keep you posted on all the  ins and outs of this homeschooler’s transition to college life.

Quiz Bowl Team Reunion

Last week I had the teammates of my old quiz bowl team over before college starts in less than three weeks (oh my goodness, oh my goodness, OH MY GOODNESS!!!) Almost everybody was able to make it-except one teammate who fell down and injured himself running that morning.


College creeps ever closer, so I was really happy to see my my high school friends again. They are all older than me, so they joined the collegiate ranks several years ago, and I’ve only seen them a few times since then.


We sat around the campfire and roasted Smore’s. We had several nontraditional toppings including Andes mints, peanut butter, caramel, and strawberries. The strawberries were my favorite.